Navy pants


Isidora made this navy pants out of recycled material. It is very important to recycle nowadays. So why don’t recycle in fashion? The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world just after the oil industry. As much as 95 percent of clothes thrown away could have been reworn or recycled. Recycling your clothes with a retailer helps reduce the natural resources they need to make new garments.Because of that, I got the idea to recycle some clothing.

Often, I go thrift shopping. One time I came across a dress that had very nice blue color. I didn’t like the model of dress, so I thought: ‘Why don’t I make pants out of this?’Then I started designing pants and cutting fabric.Next step was sewing.After a few times trying them out, my pants were finished.But, they are not the only ‘recycled’ item I made. Another one is t-shirt that is made out of two halves of two different shirts.Below you can see how I style those two items.