Transparent dress

Transparent dress can also be multifunctional.

Questions I have asked myself when I began designing it were: How would multifunctionality work in transparent dress materials? What kind of game do we get by overlapping different colors?
How many new shades can we get from the three colors?

The behavior and weight of the material dictate small changes in the cut, everything becomes more fluid.
The T-shirt loses its sharp shape, the skirt extends to the neck and seems to flow from it. Only
the sleeves keep the same shape, and now we get a new element – a grinder made of yellow
silk. Instead of long pants, transparent orange biker shorts appear.

 The whole delicate construction is opposed by a waxed thread, which fills all the clippings
and gaps created by overlapping cut parts.
The thread seems a bit destructive, not respecting any symmetrical pattern of the hand

The clothes are, in addition to their basic purpose, there to help us express ourselves. But also to help us feel better in our own skin, when we don’t feel most confident. It gives us confidence.