White piece


This green dress is more than meets the eye. It’s multifunctional piece of clothing.

At first, I started from the most basic cut of the dress. Then I cut it in waist. Then I joined. Next, I didn’t want it to be connected. Then I wanted it to be half connected, half apart …

While thinking about how to fulfill all my requirements, I came up with the idea that the upper and lower parts still be separate elements, but there could be a connection that will be able to separate them.

Given that I could take the skirt off from the upper part with the help of buckles on the strap, that led me to further research. What if  I can add another skirt to that skirt. One that is not tailored but it’s formed by two rectangles. What would that make the pants look underneath?
What can I do with the sleeves, to make them look if they are separated from the upper part?

The whole process led to the most important moment of this dress for me, and that is multifunctionality. We are all becoming aware of the impact that fast fashion and overconsumerism have on nature. That is why I think it is valuable when we can make one garment transform and thus look for new ways to express ourselves.

I divided this green dress into several parts, certain elements can be removed, uploaded, moved, and thus we can get different silhouettes and volumes.

Some of the forms are:

  • every piece attached
  • half sleeves
  • no sleeves
  • no skirt
  • no pants

and so many more variations.